High-precision indoor positioning system



We prepared an IntraWave starter kit for those who wish to investigate its use in their own environment.

※Notes on using the IntraWave starter kit
This trial kit may not be used for commercial purposes. Its use is limited to the internal investigation, evaluation, and incorporation in testing the system of the customer.

IntraWave starter kit

【Hardware】Ultrasonic phonation device

  • ①Speaker set (10 units)

    ①Speaker set (10 units)

  • ②Controller (1 unit)

    ②Controller (1 unit)

Speaker installed example
  • ceiling installed example

    ceiling installed example

  • tripod installed example

    tripod installed example

【Software】Sample Android positioning application

Sample Android positioning application
We provide you with libraries and sample code for use in Android development.

・Use of this software is, therefore, in accordance with your specific purposes.
・The support site is used to provide starter kit documents and handle inquiries.
・Discussions related to system and solution construction are separately handled.

Deployment schedule example

Deployment schedule example